Free Domain Names - Really

Recently I told you about Web Hosting Geeks. Today, I cruised their site to check out the best web hosting offers for a client. To my surprise, I noticed one of the tabs was Free Domain Names.


I clicked it and discovered a list of web host providers who are not only inexpensive but who also offer a free domain name if sign up for them. Now, that's a pretty good deal by anyone's measure.


Next, I checked out their award categories just to see how the various providers ranked. The lovable geeks at WHG (Web Hosting Geeks) rank providers in 12 categories, but the ones that particularly interested me were Best Budget Hosting, Best Blog Hosting, and Best Email Hosting because that's what my client is most concerned with.


To finish my research, I checked out their Web Hosting Reviews. Though they have 6 kinds of reviews, the only one I was really interested in were the Customer Reviews. I like to know what customers, real people who have used the services, think about the provider.

Takeaway Truth

When you're shopping for support for your online presence, something free is, to quote Martha, "a good thing."

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