Dependable - Unbelievable -Light

You know how I was telling you about setting up my "safe room" after our recent experience with Hurricane Ike? Well, one thing I've been trying to figure out is dependable, instant, emergency lighting. There has to be an easier way to have dependable flashlights than joining the throngs the day before a hurricane in a battery-buying frenzy only to find they're all sold out.

I wonder how much money I've wasted on buying batteries. Then when time comes to use the flashlights, the batteries are always nearly dead.

In searching for Christmas presents for the men in our family, I came across the 5.11 Flashlight. This stunning example of modern technology is a rechargeable flashlight with no batteries. Don't ask me how it works, but it apparently does.

A scientist and his team from Flashpoint Technology worked on battery technology for more than a decade in the hybrid car market. They've managed to bring this technology to flashlights.

Though the 5.11 Flashlight makes a great toy for the big boy in your life, unless you're in a vocation that needs dependable flashlight power - like police, military, etc. - it might seem a bit pricey. However if you're like me, with a flashlight in every room and car, and you're always buying batteries because they're always dead when you need them, then buying one of these babies is a worthwhile investment. At least you'll have one flashlight that you know will always work.

Takeaway Truth

Sometimes price point has to take a back seat to dependability.

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