Departing Visitors

Quote for the Week

Judith Martin, perhaps better known as Miss Manners, in her Guide for the Turn-of-the-Mllennium, said: It is a widespread and firm belief among guests that their departure is always a matter of distress to their hosts, and that in order to indicate they have been pleasantly entertained, they must demonstrate an extreme unwillingness to allow the entertainment to conclude. This is NOT necessarily true.

I'm Going to Get in Trouble for This One

Let me make some disclaimers. I completely adore the people who visited over the last two weeks. I hope they come again. Often. And stay as long as they want.

Now, having said that, and, just now sitting with my feet propped up after the last guests left late today, I must also say that having house guests is like boat ownership.

Happiest Days in Boat Owner's Life

Every person I've ever known who bought a boat and, subsequently, sold said boat have made this statement: The two happiest days in a boat owner's life are the day you buy the boat and the day you sell the boat.

So to apply this to house guests.... Well, I guess you get the picture. You're delighted beyond belief when your visitor arrives. Then, after several days of cooking three meals a day, shopping, watching movies, providing entertainment, staying up late, and generally playing the role of host, you're delighted they depart.

Seriously, I wouldn't take anything for the time I get to spend with loved ones. However, I'd give a lot to have extra energy. A LOT of extra energy.

Takeaway Truth

Why can't happy days give you tons of energy and subtract years from your age and depressing, mundane days be the ones that tire you completely?

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