Caution: I'm Cranky

I am: cranky, contentious, angry, disgruntled, irate, annoyed, incensed, and generally in an extremely foul mood after dealing with problems all the fracking day. Not just one problem but multiple problems - none of which I created. I'm just left to deal with them.

I'm so ticked off I don't feel like doing anything but vent. So, dear readers, that's what I'm doing. Thankfully, I don't get this way too often. I generally have a philosophical way of looking at bumps in the road. Tomorrow, I'll be back on an even keel.

I'll once again deal patiently with people who I'm sure have several villages in search of them once they realized their idiots were missing.

Takeaway Truth

Sometimes you just have to vent to get it out of your system. Thanks for listening.


  1. Nice vent! And timely too. I've had a similar 24 hours, and it's just nice to know I'm not alone.

  2. It's good to vent. And as always, it shows that you are a true human, with many dimensions.

    Through adversity, you gain strength. (Don't know where that comes from, but someone smarter than me said it before).

    Look forward to your next blog posts. Your past blog posts were very informational, and I thank you very much for sending me a very inspirational email in regards to writing.

  3. Thanks, guys! If every Monday were like this Monday, I'd run screaming into freeway traffic. Okay, I probably wouldn't do that, but I might start seriously thinking about retiring to a nunnery and taking a vow of silence. Of course those other vows would be a bummer.

  4. We've all been (are) there. Vent away!

  5. Hi, Joan. Hope all is well in the good ol' USA. Thanks for your kind words and offer to exchange links. I'd like that very much, and have since added Sling Words to my Favourites List on my Blog page. As a newbie to the world of Blog, I find your site great. Aside from being informative, you haven't lost touch with the human element. Great work. Baz.

  6. Thanks, Baz. I added your blog to Blogs: Good Mix.

    Also added you on my other blog Joan Slings Words ( You might want to check it out too. It's new and I've just now decided on the focus of it.