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Oh, have I got another really useful website for you. This tip will help you when you and your PC are butting heads, albeit figuratively speaking. I found which helps you figure out what Windows processes are running in the background.

So What?

Why is this useful? Sometimes when you're trying to install new software, you get an error message that a program is running in the background. You're instructed to shut down all programs before you can proceed.

Often, you think you've already closed every program. So you haven't got a clue as to what might be running. Many of you aren't familiar with how to use your Windows utilities to find these hidden applications that seem to be running as if they wore top-of-the-line Nikes thus making it impossible to install new software.

Frustrating, Right?

Not to worry. The guys - I think they're guys since the About page is signed by Mike - who created the Blog give you the latest information on computer processes and malicious processes which may be lurking on your PC like an old boyfriend or girlfriend who won't go away.

The site was created because the people operating it combined two obsessions: blogging and researching windows system processes. The result is a blog that will help all of us civilians with the latest technology, the web and applications.

Takeaway Truth

Start a Resource List of experts, many of whom have set up websites like this one to share their knowledge and expertise.

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