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Try guessing which 10 authors showed up on a list of the richest authors. Then see if you're correct by reading the Forbes article.

Did you see the HBO debut of the Sookie Stackhouse series? I don't have HBO (One has to draw the line somewhere with the cost of television, doesn't one?) so I haven't had the pleasure. I've read Sookie, and now her creator Charlaine Harris is reaping the rewards of a lot of hard work.

The NY Times Paperback Mass-Market Fiction list has 7 spots occupied by Sookie books, all published by Ace.

Dead Until Dark
Living Dead in Dallas
Club Dead
Dead as a Doornail
Dead to the World
All Together Dead
Definitely Dead

Way to go, Charlaine!

A book I always recommend when I teach writing or speak at workshops/conferences is The Career Novelist by Donald Maass. Guess what? It's available free from his website now. (Thanks to Colleen Thompson for the heads up on this.

Takeaway Truth

Keep up with writing news. Who knows when you may read or hear something that will directly benefit you.

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