Who Do You Want To Be?

Halloween brings out the adventurous spirit in all of us. Once again we can let our imaginations soar and, for one night, be someone else. All it takes is donning a costume to change us from mild-mannered Clark Kents, Suzy Homemakers, and Carol Career Girl into a favorite TV show character, a super hero, or even a mythic creature of the night.

The Internet makes finding perfect Halloween Costumes so easy - regardless of what you want to be for the upcoming fright night. With numerous categories - each with dozens of styles, costumes for pets, a wide range of sizes, and every kind of accessory imaginable to make the transformation from your everyday persona to your favorite character, Halloween Adventure.com should be your first stop for all your costume needs for the whole family.

Guess what? They have costumes for every holiday occasion, not just for Halloween. Need a Cinco de Mayo costume for a party? They've got it. Want something special for a Christmas party, Mardi Gras, or even Purim? Halloween Adventure has it.

As for me, I always try to find something my husband and I can coordinate. I remember one year, we went as Joan Wilder and Jack Colton, the characters from the movie Romancing the Stone. If you remember the avalanche scene in the movie, you'll know why we wore ripped, muddied clothing. We also had a big fake emerald glued to the toe of the boot my husband wore. In reference to the scene where Jack kicks a gigantic emerald into the air and tells the villain: Choke on it.

This year, I'm thinking the Sonny and Cher costumes from their I Got You Babe era might be what we choose.

Takeaway Truth

Never lose your sense of fun because that's one of the things that keeps you young.

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