Visiting Lone Oak Winery

I know it may sound as if we're drinking our way across Texas, but that's not really the case. We're visiting museums as well as wineries and breweries. Having said that, let me tell you about our visit to Lone Oak Winery in Burleson.

Lone Oak is a small winery that opens to the public from noon to 7PM, Thursday - Sunday, for tastings. You can arrange for a guided tour by calling in advance, but we just strolled in, had great fun with tasting all their wines, including two ports, and then we did a self-guided tour.

Wine Dog

Actually, the self-guided tour had a guide - Sadie, the wine dog. Sadie trotted ahead when we set upon the path through the vineyard. At every fork in the path, Sadie stopped and waited. As we approached, she turned and faced a particular direction and remained motionless, as if frozen in place. When we reached her, she set off down her chosen direction, and we followed like good tourists. We laughed as we followed Sadie from one grape planting to the next, making a big circuit through the vineyard and then back to the hospitality room.


We had participated in a tasting before we left on the Sadie-guided tour. If you go, plan on a tasting which is only $5.00 for 5 wines. Of course, if you buy a wine, it's free.

Lone Oak has an exceptional blush wine. Normally, I favor the reds and disdain the blush wines, but in this case, the blush has a beguiling bouquet and a taste that's light and fruity without being commonplace and sweet.

Linda Gilliam is the very knowledgeable Tasting Room Specialist. She was a delight who poured sample after sample, describing each wine in eloquent terms. She also answered questions that my writer's curiosity wanted answered in case I decide to include a vineyard scene in a future book or article.

When it comes to wine, I'm so plebeian that I actually swallow the samples presented to me. No gargling and spitting for me. I thoroughly enjoyed all their wines, but the one I really wanted to buy was their blush table wine, Rosa Blanca. As is our custom, my husband picked a bottle that he liked, I got the Rosa Blanca I wanted, and we purchased a couple of wine glasses, etched with the winery name.

If you'd like to visit Lone Oak Winery, Inc., they're located at 2116 FM 731,
Burleson, Texas 76028. Call (817) 426-6625 if you want to arrange a tour.

When we get home, we'll chill the wine, then some evening, we'll fill the Lone Oak glasses with one of the delightful crisp wines. As we drink the wine, my husband and I will discuss the fun we had at Lone Oak with his brother Allen and Allen's wife Bertha who had joined us at the vineyard that day.

Takeaway Truth

Good times should be not only remembered but also celebrated.

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