Random Advice: Check Your Phone Bill

Just thought I'd pass along some Random Advice for Friday. I feel like ranting, but I'll restrain myself. Apparently, I got slammed.

Do Your Research First

My recent AT&T billing showed a charge for a company called Greentree Data. Almost ten bucks including tax. I researched them online and found a site listing numerous complaints against them for slamming phone customers. I'd never heard of the company before, but apparently they're well-known. I called the number listed for that service and asked who the frack were they and why were they billing my phone account.

Take All Appropriate Action

They said I had signed up online for their service. Did NOT. Never heard of them. I told them to remove their service from my account and refund me. Remove their charge and refund it asap. I then called AT&T and ended up with a very nice Customer Service Rep. Told her about the situation. I filed a complaint with AT&T about Greentree.

At&T said they would make a note on my account, but they have to get a refund from Greentree in order to refund to the customer. Apparently, this is a lengthy process in which Greentree may continue billing. You either have to call in each time and dispute the charge or pay it or not pay it and then late fees start piling up.

To my amazement, I received a refund check from Greentree yesterday so I can't rant any more than telling my experience. Of course, I'll be checking my phone bill to make sure they're not still billing me.

Takeaway Truth

Always check every page of the bills you receive and immediately dispute any charge you didn't authorize.


  1. I noticed this charge on my account this billing period and I cannot get through on their 800 number that they have listed. It keeps saying that the main mail box is full. I bet it's from other irate customers!

  2. Keep trying. The folks at AT&T are as helpful as they can be.