Large Print Edition Arrived

I came home for a couple of days and was excited to find a package of author copies for one of the books I contracted for large print rights with Ulverscroft. The publisher did a great job I thought with the edition. Nice cover, good acid-free paper stock, nice blurb on back, etc.

Large Print Books

Ulverscroft is one of the largest publishers of large print editions. They bring the books out under F. A. Thorpe Publishing, Linford Romance Library. These books are usually sold to libraries.

If you want to purchase a copy for a reader who finds large print novels easier on the eyes, I assume you can. Ulverscroft has a website and F. A. Thorpe listings go to it. The ISBN is 978-1-84782-415-8. Of course, you can try your favorite book seller first.

Takeaway Truth

When author copies arrive, whether the book is brand, spanking new or a reprint, the heart swells with emotion, not the least of which is joy and pride.

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