Golf Lingo

Welcome to Random Friday. Even though I'm writing and scheduling these blog posts to publish while I'm gone, I'm trying to keep in mind some of the things I'll be doing while I have my nose off the grind stone.

So today's randomness is about golf since my husband and I are probably going to hit a few golf balls while traveling. In case you think I'm a good golfer, you are sooooo wrong. Still, my husband loves the game so I find things about it to tickle my fancy. The lingo is very amusing.

Here's some colorful phrases about the game in case you'd like to have a golfing character in your next book or you write an article about golf.

airmailing the green - hitting the ball over the green

the big dog - the driver, a special golf club for hitting long distances, you hope

dawn patrol - golfers who try to be first on the golf course in the morning

fried egg
- a ball that lands in a sandtrap, making a round depression in the sand with the ball right in the middle

military golf
- a style of play when the player can't control his shots so the ball goes left, then right, then left, etc.

on the dance floor but not close enough to hear the music
- when a ball is on the green but far from the hole

Takeaway Truth

You can find something appealing about every activity if you're motivated to look for it.

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