Fall Fashion in Frames

A few weeks ago I told you about the fabulously low - and fashionable - eyeglass frames available online at Zenni Optical.com. As an eyeglass wearer of long-standing, I was blown away by the stylish, yet inexpensive, frames. I can't believe I'd never heard of Zenni before. Apparently, they're very well known. Sometimes I think I must be the last person to know about things.

The frames from Zenni Optical have been discussed on radio and television. You can hear what the syndicated consumer advocate program The Clark Howard Show had to say if you want further proof.

Now, Zenni Optical is back on my radar because they just got in some new frame styles. New frames to a woman who wears glasses is like new high heels to a shoe addict. We want what's new, what's in fashion now, and we want it at a bargain price whether we're talking stilettos or

How they can sell stylish prescription glasses online from $8 is a mystery to me. In the local optical shops, frames start at ten times that much. And those frames are about as stylish as a 1970s midi skirt. If you don't know what a midi was, trust me on this: it wasn't a pretty sight. Fortunately, it died swiftly and sanity returned to women's hemlines.

Our summer here on the Texas Gulf coast is finally yielding to fall, and I need some new glasses to reflect the richer, earthier colors of autumn. Since I don't want to pay a small fortune for frames, I'm clicking over to Zenni as soon as I post this.

Takeaway Truth

Smart chicks, whether shopping for themselves or the men and kids in their lives, know how to stretch a buck and still look fabulous, darling.

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