Big Guys Want Great Toys

Actually, big girls want great toys too, and these Nikon All Terrain Binoculars (ATB) are just the thing for guys and gals. Sure, they're touted as gear a serious hunter needs, meaning my darling husband and all the other hunters in the family will love them. But, they're also just the thing for serious bird watchers like my mom.

My mom lives in the country and has bird feeders stationed around her house. She loves to sit on the porch and watch the birds as they dine on the various feeders. These binoculars would be perfect to help her see her feathered friends even better.

Guess what, if you order them from Nikon ATB Promotion, they sweeten the deal by giving you a Gift card based on what gear you buy. All the details are on the site, and the promotion runs through December 31, 2008. Just click on the Details Page.

Who says writers can't come up with gifts other than books?

Takeaway Truth

Getting a gift in return for buying a product is always an excellent marketing tool.

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