Act Against Annoying Phone Calls

At last! Here's something you can do about those irritating phone calls. You know the kind I mean where the number is revealed but no name appears? I get them multiple times a day. Normally, I let voice mail deal with it.

It's my Mom and her friends I worry about. They are of the generation that thinks they have to answer the phone when it rings. I worry about them getting hooked by a scam artist. So I was thrilled to tell my Mom about Report Phone Numbers.

This is a free service where you can register and then file a report on a phone number. You can also look up a phone number to see the experience other people have had with that number.

Please tell your family and friends, especially those older Americans, not to answer an unknown number. Report it instead, and you might find out who it really is.

Takeaway Truth

It's a good thing to register all your land line phone numbers and cell numbers with the Do Not Call Registry which will greatly reduce the nuisance calls - at least from legitimate sources.

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