Accountants Know Things About Numbers

Most of you probably don't know that I was an accountant in a past life. When my husband, whose major was accounting, and I were first married, he was an accountant for an oil refiner while I was in-house accountant for an independent oil producer. I had two bosses, a father and a son.

Petroleum Pioneer

The father was one of the original oil producer pioneers in the 1920s. He came west with a portable typewriter and wrote his way across Texas and New Mexico in oil leases. What an amazing experience that was for me to know him and hear his stories. I not only practiced accounting but also practiced writing. I ended up writing his life story for him. That was the first book I ever wrote.

Fallback Option

Every now and then, when I get kind of disgusted with the writing business, I think maybe I should go back to accounting. In today's world, it pays to have a fallback career. One may never know when it might be needed. I sometimes cruise the Internet looking for accounting jobs.

Now, I'll probably never return to the world of debits and credits because I like working with words too much. But, just in case I'm ever tempted, I found a really great site that lists accounting jobs in my Lone Star State. I could probably find exactly the position I wanted on Accounting Jobs In Texas.

Accounting Jobs in Texas

I always like spreading good news around, so I thought I'd tell you about the site. If you might be interested in doing a job search for accounting positions in Texas, do yourself a favor and check them out.

To my utter amazement, they have 12,897 accounting jobs listed. That's enough accountants to fill a good-sized small Texas town. When you search, you can do so by Title, City, or Company. You can even use keyword tags or follow the most recent searches or the most popular searches.

Puzzled? Ask An Accountant

When I think of accountants, I think of what David Stockman, Director of the Office of Management and Budget in 1981, said: "None of us really understands what's going on with these numbers."

He must not have been talking to enough accountants because just about every one I've ever known could dissect a balance sheet faster than a bowl of ice cream can melt on a July day in Texas.

Takeaway Truth

Technology and the Internet are changing the way many traditional tasks were done. Try the Net for job search research.

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