We Don't Like Ike

I drove through my neighborhood a couple hours ago when the sun was just starting to be obscured by clouds. Snapping pictures is somewhat of a hobby of mine. A few wise people have prepared in advance as my husband and I have.

Waiting for Ike

We’re all waiting for Ike's impending visit and hoping he'll not be an obnoxious guest. Of course, none of us like Ike. At Casa Reeves we've battened down the hatches, got the yard and patio stuff stowed in the garage, filled gas cans, and checked out the generator. We have ignition! We're here to shelter in place as the talking heads on TV are fond of saying.

Of course, when I awoke this morning, I knew we were in for it. I've been through so many hurricanes and typhoons that I've lost count. One thing I know is that peculiar color of sky at dawn when a storm is coming.

I'm southwest of Houston in a golf course community. The golfers were out on the greens until an hour and a half ago. We've had a breezy morning, sunshine, and lots of humidity. About two hours ago, clouds started piling up. It's eerily still now and overcast.

Prudence vs. Procrastination

Some in the neighborhood have boarded up. Others haven't even bothered to take in pot plants, door decorations, or anything. I'm going to be really upset if some neighbor's pot plants end up flying through the big fan window in my breakfast room.

Unfortunately, we never got plywood cut for the windows in this house. We intended to have that done when we moved in. About 7 years ago. Ah, the evil demon Procrastination. Actually, we were told that the windows would withstand hurricane winds up to 150 mph, but nothing withstands a flower pot flung by a gale force wind.

If you visit my other blog Joan Slings Words, you can see more pictures and read about the last hurricane that hit the Houston area in 1983.

I'll continue to post on both blogs as long as we have power. I computed the amperage and/or wattage of necessary electrical stuff to see what we could run from the generator if worse comes to worse. Unfortunately, the computer ended up below fridge, fans, and an electric fry pan.

Of course, we may be lucky and not lose power. I'll just go get my rose colored glasses while I wait and see.

Takeaway Truth

I wish good fortune to everyone threatened by this storm. Stay safe. Hopefully, we'll all survive unscathed.


  1. You're in my thoughts and prayers along with all the people who decided to stay on the shore to watch the waves.

    Be safe. Try to look on the bright side, at least you won't have to water your lawn :o)