Tatango Simplifies Communication

Here's another free service to make life a bit easier. This suggestion comes from Derek Johnson, Founder and CEO of Tatango. Derek emailed me after reading my blog post on Jott to alert me to Tatango. (As in 2 to tango, I would imagine. Clever huh?) After I cruised his website, I decided this was another good idea to pass on.

How Tatango Works

Set up your group. It's free unless you want Tatango Pro which has a host of services for those who really need more. Tatango let's you ignore email lists and phone trees in favor of convenient mobile group communication.

You send one message directly from your computer or mobile phone to all of the members of the group you set up. You can stay connected anytime and anywhere.

For more information, visit the website, read Tatango Blog, or follow them on Twitter.

Derek was kind enough to offer a Beta invitation to anyone who wants to try Tatango. Hurry over because there are a limited number of invitations left. Be sure and let me know if you sign up and how you like it.

Takeaway Truth

Staying connected can be time-consuming. Use every credible shortcut available to make it easier.


  1. I think you must know more people than me. Or more people who you need to talk to long-distance. I keep a family blog to keep the grandparents updated and just about everyone else I need to talk to I see during the course of my normal week.

    It saves me trouble. I might recommend this to my sister though. She's in college balancing a full-time job, volunteer groups, and school projects so this is probably right up her alley.

  2. You hit the nail on the head or the target audience. *g* Communication tools like this are made for the wired generation, and I don't consider myself one of them for the most part. I find the different tools interesting (I have an insatiably curious brain.) but I'm not a user of very many. In fact, the more wired I have to get, the more I long to escape. However, my kids are always ready to sign up for the latest whatever.

  3. My girls are 6 and 3 and thankfully look at the computer as a place to write stories (where could they possibly get that idea from?). I'm dodging the Wired craze. It's nice to be connected but there is such a thing as over-connected!

  4. Over-connected? Yep. My dh and I looked at lake property last week. Guess what? No cell signals at all. To both of us, it sounded like a dream, but I don't know if we could stand being THAT isolated.

  5. @Joan Reeves - Thanks for the write up of Tatango, you did a great job explaining the service.

    @Just Me - I agree, you would have to have a good amount of friends if you wanted to use Tatango for that purpose. The majority of the groups using Tatango are structured organizations such as a church, a college group or a non-profit, which have a large following. I agree that there is a point of being "over connected", sometimes I feel as if I'm tied to my iPhone 24/7.

  6. Hey, Derek, thanks. Hope it helps Tatango. Feel free to link. P. S. Such a great name.