Tactical Advantage

You often hear news reports where tactical advantage is discussed. If you look up the word tactical in the dictionary, like I did, you'll find that it means pertaining to a maneuver or plan of action designed as an expedient toward gaining a desired advantage.

I wanted to know exactly what it meant because, in my work in progress, I have an ex-cop character who uses that phrase a lot. His past as a member of a big city SWAT (special weapons and tactics) team is very much a part of his personality even to the way he dresses so if he's in the woods, he dresses for the field.

5.11 Tactical Outdoors

I found 5.11 Tactical that offers the kind of clothes and accessories my character would want. That website can outfit you from head to toe in clothes designed to give you a tactical advantage whether you're in the woods or going to the golf course.

I say golf course because my husband loves the cargo pants like those offered on 5.11 Tactical. You know, the kind with loads of pockets.

Men and their pockets. They carry as much junk as women do except they carry it all in their pockets. Wallet, keys, change, cell phone, PDA, and, in the case of my husband, other stuff according to his activity du jour. When he heads for the golf course, he shoves extra golf balls in the expansive pockets. Fishing? A small case of lures.

I've Bookmarked the site so I can refer back for research purposes. I also plan to do a little holiday shopping there for my husband and our oldest son.

Takeaway Truth

Researching on the Internet can yield you solid information and great gift ideas too.

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