Just What Every Parent Needs

When our youngest started driving, I worried constantly about her. Not because I thought she was a bad driver but because I knew the Houston-area has a few million cars on the road each and every day. It was all these other people behind their respective steering wheels that worried me.

The most excruciating times were when I couldn't reach her because either her cell phone battery wasn't charged or she was in an area where the signal was too low to receive or send. If only I'd had access to GPS Tracking, I probably wouldn't have as many silver hairs in my blond head today.

You can track anyone or anything Live with the PT-10 GPS tracker. You can actually watch the transmission on your computer screen as it happens. Plus, it works anywhere in the world.

I'm thinking this might be a great gift for my husband who likes to escape to the deer woods every year. I'm also going to tell my sister-in-law about it because her husband, my brother, just bought mountain property in Colorado. No worries about where he is if he doesn't show up for dinner with this little tracker.

Takeaway Truth

Technology can help reduce some of the anxiety of modern life for parents and for spouses of adventurers.

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  1. Interesting, because I was using a GPS tracker element in my current WIP, and all the research I did indicated that there IS a loophole to those gizmos. They rely on cell towers to tell the monitoring system, so there will be gaps if the tracking devise is in a dead cell zone. The GPS knows exactly where it is, but until it's at a place where it can get a cell phone tower signal, it can't tell anyone.