Introducing My Dymo

A while back I wrote a blog post about some essential office accessories everybody needs - especially writers. One of the things I mentioned was a Dymo Label Maker. I would be lost without mine. I use it on everything that needs to be organized from file folders to 3-ring binders to shelves in my office supply storage closet.

Over the weekend, I made labels for each satellite TV remote. (If I'd done it before, it wouldn't have taken us all afternoon trying to figure out which channel each TV had to be set to in order to receive satellite service.)

With the back-to-school frenzy in full swing, what better time to get your kid organized. The Dymo Label Maker can help identify their lunch bag, books, sports gear, gym clothes, music, and more. In fact, I bet just about everything in a student's life could be organized better with one of these handy, dandy label makers.

I know teachers love them. I gave my daughter one and she got her art classroom organized in nothing flat with labels on the storage cabinets for each class period, labels on the shelves in the supply room, and labels on her wall of art display.

If you run out of ideas for organizing, just click the link above and visit their website. You'll find great ideas about how to use the label maker in ways you may not have thought of before.

Takeaway Truth

A little organization goes a long way in helping kids - and mommies - with their daily tasks.

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