Ike In Photographs

6:30 PM

Looking down my street. Clouds have moved in rather quickly. Wind speed wavers between hard enough to whip a hat from your head to desultory.


Another hour passes. Now it's about 7:30 PM. Looking across the street from the end of my front sidewalk at the sky. Clouds are boiling. Wind whips mostly from northeast then abruptly changes. Beautiful but scary because of what's causing this amazing color display.




The situation is changing as rapidly as all those clouds in the earlier pictures. Lots of wind. I can hear it since my study is at the front of the house. We have a lot with several trees. Most of the time we like that. But when a storm comes, trees are the last thing I want near my house. Especially the giant pecan tree, aka, my hurricane anxiety, at the back corner of the garage.

We still have power and Dish satellite much to my surprise. My husband keeps coming in and telling me to wrap it up and shut everything down so I guess I will. I've set this to publish shortly after midnight.

I'll check in tomorrow morning if I have power. Going to watch the Armageddon Report which is what I call all the talking heads out in the flooded streets trying to become the next Dan Rather.

Take care. Stay safe.

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  1. I hear power is out in your area, so you'll get this in a few days. All of you are in my heart and prayers. Be safe.

    Take notes. You can put your characters in a hurricane sometime.