Ike Damage

As of the moment, the day is overcast with intermittent wind and rain. Ike has moved on. We were lucky and came through Hurricane Ike with minimal damage. Lots of tree branches down, a couple of gutter downspouts ripped away, and the back fence flattened except for a concrete bench in my flower bed. I think the bench may have saved the new row of pittosporum planted a few months ago.

No broken glass. No boat from my neighbor's driveway through my dining room window. No injuries. Also no power.

Electricity went off at 1:55AM amidst what sounded like a hail storm against our bedroom windows. Chunks of bark, leaves, tiny branches. All swirling together in an assault of our windows. All that wind didn't even puff the curtains so I guess the windows are sealed well and hurricane shatter proof up to a certain wind speed.

Unfortunately, from Clear Lake where we formerly lived, east to Seabrook and Kemah, west to Friendswood and Pearland, and south to League City, Dickinson, LaMarque, Texas City, and Galveston Island did not fare so well. If you can donate to the Red Cross or Salvation Army, please do so. There is going to be tremendous need as a result of the damage done by Ike.

Since it took forever to load this picture of my flattened fence, I won't load any more though I went out and snapped pics of snapped trees - some quite large - downed street signs, smashed electric signs, streets covered with debris. Check my other blog in case it loads photos easier.

Our generator is chugging away with our fridge, a fan, a TV, and a line for this computer plugged in. I'm signing off for now since we need to conserve the gasoline for the generator so we can run our fridge enough every 24 hour period to keep the food from spoiling and so we'll have cold water and ice. Don't know if we'll be able to get any more gasoline for a few days.

Probably won't be back on until tomorrow for a short period of time unless we get power back - which isn't likely.

Hope all of my fellow writers in the affected area came through the storm also.

Takeaway Truth

As long as you and your loved ones survived without injuries, anything else can be fixed.