Help U.S. Troops Overseas

Derek Johnson, Founder and CEO of Tatango, emailed me about a project he's working on to help our soldiers deployed overseas Connect With Their Loved Ones.

He asked me to spread the work, and I'm only too happy to help. Here's a press release from him:

With the help of Email Our, a charitable military support organization, Tatango has created an interface exclusively for military personnel which easily allows any service member deployed overseas to instantly update all their loved ones back home through text messaging. (Viewing the URL:

Additional Information

Tatango Blog Post
YouTube Announcement
Facebook Group
Press Release

How You Can Help

All of you who visit Sling Words can help by passing along this message to anyone you know that's part of the military or post this information on your own blog or website wherever it may be - twitter, facebook, MySpace, et al in order to reach as many military service members and their families as possible.

Takeaway Truth

Serving overseas, away from family, is lonely. Help alleviate the loneliness by helping soldiers connect with their families.


  1. I would have liked to register for the eMail our Military but unfortunately, you have to MAIL in registration. Since I, myself, am in another country that's not feasible for me. Bummer.

  2. @Anonymous - You actually don't need to mail in anything, you just have to register with your military email address and a mobile phone number.

    Any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Derek Johnson (CEO Tatango)