Changing the World

Quote of the Week

M. Elizabeth Dick said: I'm working to change my world, not the world.

What are you trying to achieve with your work? Are you trying to change your world in some way i.e. improved economic status, improved self-image, or what? Do you ever stop to think that you should have a goal in working,beyond the receipt of a paycheck?

Think about that for a moment because why we do something has great importance to how we feel about what we do. Are you working just to earn some bucks or are you working because you have a contribution to make to someone, somewhere?

Those who enjoy their work most are those who love what they do.

As writers, we must always remember why we are writing. It's because we love what we do. We are changing our respective worlds because of our contribution to the world of words.

Don't let tough markets, fierce competition, rejection, bad reviews, or any of that other garbage obscure your love of writing.

Takeaway Truth

Loving what you do and feeling it is important make the daily grind less of a grind whether you're writing books or articles or grinding coffee at the local java joint.

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