Website Highlights: August 2008

On August 1, my website was updated. Each page has new Written Wisdom along with other items.

The major highlights of the August update are:

Reading - Interview with Daniel Arenson, author of the fantasy novel Firefly Island. If you don't already know how to get your book in libraries, there's a short article How to Get a Library to Order that tells you what you need to know.

Writing - 6 Month Check-up for Writers

Wordplay, Subscription Newsletter
- Daniel Arenson Interview appears here along with a review of Flashback to the Golden Years by Ralph Neal Hanson. If you've wondered what kind of books Lulu is putting out, this is your chance to find out. There's also an article Hackberry Trees inspired by the two towering deciduous trees that shade my yard.

WIP - Either a short note about what I'm working on or what I've sold recently that I really enjoyed writing. (I make the designation because I sell writing just about every day of the month.)

Previously Published - Teaser for a feature article coming in September on how to re-sell rights.

Next update to website is September 1.

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