I've Become a Gearhead Girl

When my darling husband and I got our conspicuously large flat panel TV, we signed up for Dish HD and got more channels than we'd ever thought to surf. To my amazement, and my husband's delight, I got hooked on the Mecum Auto Auctions televised on HDTheater every Saturday night.

You'd laugh if you saw me parked in front of the television with my mouth hanging open in astonishment. I've seen a classic muscle cars go for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Conversely, later model Corvettes in showroom condition sell for 10-12 grand. I'm dying to go to one of these auctions.

Since I'm a writer, the whole collectible car scene has inspired a story so I've been researching by cruising car websites and blogs. I came across Cool Super Cars. You've got to see the amazing cars shown, including a Bugatti Veyron, the fastest car in existence - and not street legal here. It's totally gorgeous.

I love my T-Bird. It looks exactly like the brochure picture here. But I'd love to just sit in a Veyron. Or any of those Cool Super Cars. Okay, I'll be honest. Sitting in one wouldn't be enough. I'd want to drive.

Takeaway Truth

Life inspires fiction, and sometimes that's more fun than you dreamed possible.

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