Honey-Do List Now Handyman List

A while back I told you about my search for a contractor to do a small fencing job. All the local contractors I talked to didn't want to give me a bid for a tiny section of fencing that needed to be replaced. They wanted to bid on replacing the entire fence. Every time one told me this, I saw dollar signs with tiny wings attached drifting skyward.

Uh, no thank you.

Click Smart Experts

Luckily I heard about ClickSmart that has directories of certified experts in just about every area of home maintenance and improvement. What's even better is they're located in cities all across our home-improving nation.

With the fence no longer a concern, I can now focus on other issues. Those issues are detailed for my husband on his Honey-Do List. Actually, I've started calling it his Honey-Don't List because he never seems to get around to taking care of those home maintenance matters.

Somehow, the golf course holds greater appeal on Saturday than replacing torn screening. He'd rather tee off at the first hole than get teed off trying to figure out why the garage door light won't shut off when it's supposed to.

Hello, Houston Handyman

Since I've discovered Houston Handyman, a ClickSmart service, I've become the perfect wife. I never nag about those home repair chores. I can either go pick up the phone or go online. Within minutes, I can set an appointment for a qualified expert to take care of everything from Screen Construction to Landscaping to Pest Control and a host of things in between including Garage Door Service.

I may even join my husband on the golf course now rather than stew about all the nitpicky jobs that need to be done on the weekend. Thanks to ClickSmart's Handyman in the Houston area, home maintenance is more convenient than ever.

Takeaway Truth

When you own a home, you'd better line up qualified people to do all the repairs that crop up over the years. Having experts on tap will save your time - and your sanity.

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