PayPerPost Offers Opportunity

Just about every writer I know is always looking for new paying markets. Preferably well-paying markets. In the world of writing, the only constant, whether you write fiction or freelance articles, seems to be shrinking markets and even more shrinking dollars.

New Opportunity

That's why I was delighted to learn about PayPerPost, a website that helps freelance writers connect with advertisers needing their services. Sure, there are other freelance venues on the Internet, but what makes PayPerPost different is that the writer gets to keep more of the money the advertiser pays. In fact, if you put a "sign up" button on your blog, the advertiser can conveniently contract with you directly at your specified minimum. (See mine over there on the right side. Don't forget to check out my Disclosure Statement too.) PayPerPost gets a cut, but, hey, that's the cost of doing business so I don't begrudge it to them.

Why Use PayPerPost

I've done a lot of freelance writing over the years. I've ghostwritten blogs for other people, and I've blogged for about four years here at Sling Words. I always write about good ideas and good products with thoughts of directing others to them because I like to share. It's no sense keeping all that good info to yourself when other writers or maybe Joe and Molly Citizen might need or want to know also.

PayPerPost offers me the chance to use my blog and actually earn money from slinging my words around. Hey, I love writing this blog, and I plan to keep on doing it for a long while. Occasionally getting paid to write about something I really believe in or something I'll use is just icing on the cake.

Oh, there's also the homey atmosphere of PayPerPost with its Customer Love and its cute nickname for its clients. I'm a Postie now, and you can be one too if you wish.

Jump On The Money Wagon

So I'm happy to pass along the tip about PayPerPost to you. Visit them. Read their FAQ. Search their site. Sign up too if you want to use your blog to make some bucks. Tell them Sling Words sent you.

Now go forth and may your words and your dollars multiply.

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