New Short Fiction Market

Originally I saw a posting for this market on one of my freelance writing contract services. Of course, I got in touch with the publisher. Alas, it's a startup venture so their budget is not very high. However, if you're looking for a place to sell some short romance fiction, and you're not as picky as I am about wages, you might want to check out Ms. Cuppari's latest venture Voice of Romance Magazine. Actually, I hope she's vastly successful so that I can eventually place a manuscript that I think would be great for The Voice of Romance.

If you email: S. Cuppari, Publisher, Voice of Romance, romancesubmissions @, you can get detailed guidelines. She already publishes Writing Edge Magazine and wants to publish a new romance novel magazine for readers and writers.

Rough Guidelines

She said she's "looking for quality submissions." (Isn't everyone?) I do not disclose the compensation I negotiate with editors/publishers/clients. You'll have to find that out for yourself.

1. All romance styles are accepted except: erotica, paranormal and futuristic romance.

2. Romance stories are 9-10,000 words in length.

3. First and second world rights are bought. Copyright remains with the author.

4. Send your stories to: romancesubmissions @ if you want to bypass the "getting the guidelines" step.

Takeaway Truth

New markets and new ways of getting paid for writing should always be explored. Ground-floor opportunities offer exposure, publication, and money. Besides, who knows? You may get in at the beginning of something that could become an empire. One can only hope.

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