Most Obnoxious TV Person Award

Saturday is Pop Culture Day in the Sling Words corporate offices. (Remember our motto: We put the K in kwality.)

We'd like to recognize our sister organization, the Institute of Worthless Opinion & Absurdity for their inconsistent recognition of those who so richly deserve to be singled out from the herd.

The IOWOA has selected Gordon Ramsey of Hell's Kitchen for recognition this week. In the interest of fairness, we have decided to award a trophy to everyone who had any connection with this repulsive presentation of incivility and meanness which I understand has concluded its season a few days ago. Thank God.

In the interest of full disclosure, we here at the Institute freely admit to never having viewed one episode of this show. The promotional commercials for it were enough to warrant complete avoidance of that time slot on that channel.

Now, if Mr. Ramsey is in reality a warm and loving human being, then he can exchange our trophy for an Academy Award for Best Actor. Same goes for the others connected with the show. If they can prove they actually possess a modicum of good taste.

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