Four-Eyes? Don't Be So Old School

I was flipping channels the other evening and came across a moldy, oldy movie. Some jock called a geek Four Eyes. Made me wonder. Does anyone use this insult any more since geeks now rule the world?

Probably not. Besides, wearing glasses is now cool. People have wardrobes of eyeglasses. Me? I have a pair of glasses just for the computer, another brainy style, i.e. tortoise-rim square frames, a "formal" pair, and several fashion readers. I'm interested in eyeglass fashions because they change every year just like fashions in clothes.

Unfortunately, I don't often indulge my desire for new glasses because frames are expensive. My last pair cost nearly $300.00. Just for the frames!

When I found, my fashion heart soared. Would you believe you can get frames that start at only $8.00? And they're chic and stylish? I never thought about ordering eyeglasses online. Don't know why. I should have known you could.

The great thing about is that they're like a brick & mortar optical shop. They have frames of every kind along with producing lens of every type - everything you'd find in your local eyeglass store.

I like kind of a rectangle-shape frame so these immediately caught my eye.

In case you're skeptical, just check out this excerpt from a Fox News segment about

Takeaway Truth

In this era of cost-consciousness, it pays to look at other options for traditional purchases. Especially when you're talking mega bucks.

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