Don, Glenn, Joe, Timothy B: Send Eagles Tickets

This is an open letter to my favorite musical group of all time: The EAGLES. Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Timothy B. Schmit, and Joe Walsh are individually superbly talented. Collectively, they are musical geniuses. Yes, I know it's not Saturday, the day I normally hold forth on pop culture, but, hey, this is an emergency.

Dear Eagles

I've been wrestling with a moral dilemma ever since I saw the full page ad for your Long Road Out of Eden Tour. My husband, our daughter Adina, and I want to go to the concert. The problem? The price of the tickets!

Sheesh! How can upper deck seats cost $165.00 and up? True, those weren't for Houston since those regular seats aren't being sold yet. I had checked pre-sales for VIP tickets. Immediately, I decided shelling out $395.00 for 3 plus tax and all the surcharges that would be added just wasn't practical. That's why I started checking the other tour dates to see how much I could expect regular seats to be.

Guys, come on! It's time to give back. After all, we've bought your albums (the ones when you each had solo careers and the ones as Eagles) from the time they were in vinyl to CD to the DVDs you now include. Multiple copies of them I might add. From the very first to the most recent. I blogged about your Eden album as soon as I could get my hot, little hands on it. I raved about it to anyone who read my blog and to anyone I could get to listen. (It really is some of your best work - ranks right up there with Hotel California.)

My husband and I raised 4 kids with your music. Every one of them can probably sing every word of the songs on the blue album. When you came back on tour and performed at Rice Stadium in Houston, we took all the kids. That cost us over $700.00, not including the cost of tee shirts. Our oldest was in college at the time; our youngest was 10.

My husband, youngest daughter, and I also went to your concert the next time you came to Houston to the Compac Center in 2003, I think it was. Another multi-hundreds expense, but so worth it.

Our youngest is now a 28-year-old high school teacher who plays your music on her iPod in her advanced art classes, introducing another generation to you.

I'm not asking for a limo - though that would be reaallllly nice! Just 3 good seats at the Houston concert for fans who have followed your musical excellence since the 1970s.

Takeaway Truth

It never hurts to ask.

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