Click & Donate: Free Mammogram

I've received several urgent pleas via email about The Breast Cancer Site needing support to continue their program of donating a free mammogram each day to an economically-challenged woman.

Click & Donate Sites

Because I support all these Click & Donate sites, I like to remind others to do the same. If you aren't familiar with these sites, allow me to be your guide. When you visit The Breast Cancer Site, you'll see it's just one of 6 tabs. The others are Hunger, Child Health, Literacy, Rainforest, and Animal Rescue. You can make a donation that will NOT cost you a single penny to any of these sites by clicking the appropriate button on each site.

To donate a mammogram, all you have to do is click the link above which takes you to their site then click the pink window in the middle that says donating a free mammogram.

This does NOT cost you anything but about a minute of your time each day. Advertisers and corporate sponsors donate according to the number of clicks the site receives.

Please tell ten friends to bookmark this site and start clicking each day. Ask them to tell ten of their friends. We women are good about getting the word out so let's make use of that skill to support this early-warning program for women.

Takeaway Truth

If you're a woman or have a woman in your life - that covers everybody on this planet - The Breast Cancer Site needs your help. They've made it easy for you to give so women who desperately need assistance can receive. Click today. Bookmark and click every day. Tell others to do the same. That's philanthropy in action or just call it paying it forward.

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