Resources for Writers #1

A lot of bloggers give lists of things. I like that. The problem is that most bloggers list so many things that I never have time to check them all out. I do two or three then postpone the rest with thoughts that I'll get back to the list another day. Unfortunately, for me, I usually forget. The note about the links to check or the print out (big waste of paper, I know!) gets stacked with all the other printouts to read or act upon.

So I've decided to do a weekly list, but to make the list more manageable by only listing three resources.

List #1

Monica Burns has created a resource page containing Microsoft Word Tools, Hints, and Shortcuts. It's a great place to learn how to maximize your use of Microsoft Word. The page also has a link to a downloadable Excel spreadsheet designed to compute word counts based on font.

Another great resource is Writer's Quest by Stacey Dennick. The reference site has links to encyclopedias, dictionaries, term papers, medical info, and much more that writers might need.

Gabrielle Luthy has a page chock full of topical links to articles and organizations of interest to articles.

Three is manageable, don't you think? For me and for you.

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