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Do you read blogs written by agents and editors? I do. Chances are you do too. It's a way to see how someone with whom you may want to work thinks and acts.

I want to point you to Guide To Literary Agents, a blog published by F & W Publications. They're the people who bring you Writer's Digest in all its incarnations.

I read this blog because the interviews with industry professionals are always topnotch and also because the blog has a nice long link list of agents and editors who maintain blogs. There are more than forty at the present time. You can check the archives for past interviews and subscribe to their feed so you don't miss the new ones.

Great resource. Highly recommended. We at Sling Words, meaning, of course, me, give it a 10 on the 10 scale. Or if I were in Japan, I'd give it #1 - ichiban - which is always the best.

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