5 Ways To Stay Cool

Summer is blazing its way across the landscape bringing triple digit temperatures in some areas. Here near the Third Coast we haven't hit a hundred yet, but it's just a matter of time.

How do you stay cool - other than staying indoors in air conditioning?

Easy. Pretend you're a kid again. After all, did you ever complain about the heat when you were a kid? Have you ever heard a kid ask: "Hot enough for you?" Probably not.

Cheap, Easy & Fun: What's Not to Like?

1. Get a popsicle maker even if you don't have kids. You know, they're those plastic thingamajigs that make 6 or 8 frozen pops. They're sold everywhere from kitchen accessories stores to dollar stores. Then prepare your favorite beverage whether it's Koolaid, juice, or martinis. Pour your choice into each unit of the frozen pop maker, freeze, then enjoy whenever you feel overheated. A frozen gin and tonic pop will keep you cool and smooth away the rough edges. Just don't take the forklift or the minivan out on the freeway if you make alcoholic pops.

2. If you've got kids, then have a daily water hose fight with them. Gosh, I did this with ours when they were young, and it's still something they talk about fondly. If no kids, then do it discreetly by washing your car and being really careless with the hose. Put some great music on and you'll feel like a kid again.

3. Get a kiddie pool and plop it on the patio or some place shady. Blend up a big container of your favorite slushy like strawberries and ice and yogurt (or maybe rum). Then settle into the filled pool with your favorite libation and a good book.

4. Eat lots of ice cream. In fact, get one of those ice cream makers that churn up a container of the frozen delight in about 10 minutes without salt and ice.

5. Enroll all the kids in water sports of some kind. Then hang out at the pool during practice sessions. They'll benefit and so will you. In fact, start them early and they'll be primed for life guard jobs when they're old enough. All our kids were life guards. Maybe yours might go on to be Olympic champs.

Like the key to happiness in life, beating the heat means ignoring the negatives and focusing on the positive aspects of summer - water, fun, games, good times.

Gotta go. My margarita frozen pops are almost ready.

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