Living Large Country-Style

Guess you've figured out already that I am not in mi casa since there was no blog posted Monday.

I'm visiting my mom who is having a birthday tomorrow and my brother and his family.

It's May, and there are miles and miles of corn everywhere. The photo is just that across the road. Travel any road and both sides are planted in corn. Cotton once was king in this parish but that was before ethanol. It won't be long before it's "higher than an elephant's eye."

This month before summer's heat takes over is hay hauling time. Today, more than thirty bales were added to what was left from last year in order to feed the cattle when grazing isn't enough. The new hay is the lighter, blond at the back.

Farming in this country helped create our prosperity and our ready supply of food. For most, it's a thankless, back-breaking job with no 401K plans, no corporate perks, and no big profits. Remember that the next time you gripe about the cost of a steak or a head of romaine.

Sling Words out to go sling some fresh blueberries from my cousin Carolyn into a bowl with some ice cream.

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