Borders Selling Online Again

Shelf Awareness had the scoop this week on the revamped Borders website.

Though Borders has been AWOL for about seven years, during which their online sales were outsourced to competitor Amazon, they're again selling online. Their renewed web presence is part of their turnaround effort of course.

Using Borders Search

The Borders site is well-designed. I cruised it quickly this morning. It seems at a cursory glance to be easy to navigate. The Search engine worked okay. I usually enter my name and the titles of some of my books along with a few author friends' names just to check the accuracy of their Search response.

In several cases of lesser-known author names, the Borders Search pulled up the same American Library Association book that had nothing to do with the search parameters. Perhaps they're pushing that book?

Biz Is In The Details

In any event, online consumers now have another retailer to shop for their books, music, and vids. Baker & Taylor will do their fulfillment and Alibris will be their source for older titles. If you're heavy into shopping, you might want to sign up for their Rewards program which is good for the brick and mortar stores too.

If you're a writer as well as a reader consumer, you'll probably want to sign up to post some reviews. Just another place to showcase your name, hopefully with a tag line.

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