Jennifer Love Hewitt ROCKS!

Women of the world, don't you just love what Jennifer Love Hewitt said about the ridiculous standard of beauty as espoused by Hollywood?

Get real. A size zero? How did the bony, gaunt image of female beauty ever get accepted as the norm? And, no, before you think I'm a bonbon eating woman of enormous size (not that there's anything wrong with that as the Seinfeld episode went), I'm not. Well, I do eat bonbons but not every day.

I look at some of the women celebrities with the sharp angles of their clavicle, shoulders, and joints that seem to have skin stretched tightly over them, and I shudder. If they look that thin on television, which adds 10+ pounds so they say, what do they look like in person?

A size zero on a 5'10" frame is not a pretty sight in person.

So, I'm with you Jennifer. Here's to boobs, butts, hips, and curves. I'm going to buy one of everything you advertise on TV, and I'll start watching Ghost Whisperer too.

Sling Words standing strong, but it's a little too cold for a bikini at the moment!

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