Wait for it

Okay, I've been AWOL for over a month. Chalk it up to sickness, writing deadlines, houseguests, and holidays.

The drought is coming to an end though. I hope. Should have 2 delayed contracts put to bed within the next few days. So I'll return to the blogging world by then.

Hopefully, I'll have time to focus on a book publishing project I'm doing for someone and will get the finished manuscript to the publisher by the first of December. Then it's back to putting contracts to bed. Hope to be free of those obligations by the middle of the month.

I keep trying to cut back my work load, but somehow it just keeps building. I've really got to learn to say no - and mean it in the New Year. Or I'll never get my latest book manuscript finished, submitted, and sold.

The day is just too short. Life is just too short.


  1. Oops, wrong blog. What I meant to say was, welcome back, and I hope you learn how to stretch those days and hours. When you do, tell me the secret.

  2. Hey, Bill. You'll be the first I contact when I learn how to squeeze 36 hours out of a 24 hour day.