Are we not fat enough

Who are these evil people who design menu items? You won't believe this. I thought the deep-fried Mac and Cheese Bites advertised the other night had to be the most nutritionally obscene food item in the market place.

Then in the junk mail blizzard today there was an ad for DEEP FRIED CHEESECAKE BITES served with Cinnamon Caramel Dipping Sauce.

Why don't they just call them Heart Attack Nuggets?

Why do we have to bother chewing them? Couldn't we just drive in to Sonic and have a reverse lipo and get all that fat pumped directly into our thighs, bellies, and butts? It'll all end up there anyway.

Come on, Sonic! The rest of the fast food world seem to be making an effort to offer healthier items. Why not you?

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