Vagaries of Fate & Eliza Dushku

Every now and then, I muse upon the vagaries of Fate. This is a popular subject of mine for musing. I've done it every time I've seen a stage production at the theater because of the talented men and women in road companies of productions that trek from theater to theater. Maybe I should add a Vagaries of Fate label? Nah. Too much work. Miscellany works just fine for musings.

I've been watching the repeats of Tru Calling starring Eliza Dushku on SciFi.

Tru Calling had a great premise, great story lines, solid characters with growth arcs, and a story arc that was never completed because the series was cancelled. In watching it again, I wondered why Ms. Dushku, who you may know from her role as Arnold's daughter in True Lies or from her role as vampire slayer Faith on Buffy, just hasn't made it big.

She's a fabulous actor, actress if you prefer. She's had good roles. She was in a great vehicle that had all the right elements. She's got Presence, that indefinable something that sets one apart from others.

The only answer? Vagaries of fate. More musings to come.

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