Bluetooth keyboard is toothless

I needed a new keyboard. I write so much that I go through keyboards the way long distance runners go through running shoes. So I opted for the super expensive wireless Bluetooth keyboard from Miscrosoft.

Agh! I wasted my entire Sunday afternoon trying to connect the nifty new keyboard with onboard mouse controls. Love what the keyboard was supposed to do, but I never could get it to work properly. The Bluetooth thingee just wasn't reliable.

Never could get the laser mouse that came with it to work, but the keyboard worked great. That is, it worked great when it worked. The transceiver could not maintain the signal, I guess. I'd be typing along and the application would just shut down.

After troubleshooting everything and spending countless hours on the darn thing, I gave up. Back to Office Depot I go first thing in the morning. I guess I just saved myself a lot of money.

Now, I've hooked up an old keyboard just to get operational again. Technology, ahh, frustration is thy nickname.

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