Becoming Jane

Ah, another movie I want to see that's showing at a theater NOT near to me. Sadly, the conglomerate multi-plex theaters near me show none of the really interesting movies.

Now, there's nothing wrong with Transformers (seen it--great summer flick) or Bourne Ultimatum (seen it--fabulous though I nearly got motion sick from all the running, jumping, camera-in-hand shots). BUT, I'd love to see the movies that, I think, take a bit of thought.

I like the effort Becoming Jane makes to put a human face on Jane Austen though I was disconcerted by the Houston Chronicle reviewer who described her attending a dance as: "looking for a hot hunk." I won't name the person because perhaps he/she was trying to put her attendance in terms the modern generation could relate to.

Funny, how much thought I've put into that short description. After hooting with laughter, I wondered how old the reviewer was. Then I wondered why that phrase was chosen. To appeal to young people who might not even know who Jane Austen was? To sound young when perhaps the reviewer was on the down side of forty? To express what the reviewer saw the event as in his or her own familiar terms because the reviewer is too young, journalistically inexperienced, and historically challenged?

I still haven't seen the movie. Unfortunately, since the nearest theater with it on the marquee is comparable to a safari trek for me, I probably won't see it until the DVD hits the shelves.

When I finally check it out, maybe I'll discover it really does portray Jane as looking for a hot hunk. Guess I'll have to write an apology blog then.

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