Beware sarging

Okay, as I've admitted before. Apparently, I live under a rock. I'd not heard of sarging before. If you haven't, then go to Wikipedia for some badly needed education. Especially do this if you are a woman because women should be aware of this.

Sarging, in case you are as ignorant as I, is using Neuro Linguistic Programming and other psychological techniques to seduce women.

Apparently, some men are so lacking in personality and redeeming characteristics and have so little desire for a real relationship that they resort to psychological manipulation to gain fleeting moments of a pseudo relationship.

Yeah, it's apparent how I feel about this. Women, what do you think about it?

Sling Words disgusted for the day.


  1. God forbid that a man learns how to powerfully attract, please and "sarge" women. They should go back to throwing money at their feet and treating them as objects of worship instead of human beings.

    FOR SHAME!!!!

    Did you notice my sarcasm?

    Not being a man, you don't know what it's like for many men who HAVE NO CLUE how to attract and talk to women. They've been told "Just be yourself." When "being yourself" never has and never will get them laid. Sure "being yourself" will get a man to become a "let's just be friends" type of guy but what kind of whimp would put up with that?

    What type of woman wants to have sex with that type of man??!!

    Not you.

    Sarging teaches not just how to talk to a woman but how to evoke the man that woman find attractive.

    If you think sarging is the same as deceit then you just don't have the whole picture... only the womans side of it.

    Anyway, I suspect I'm posting to a knee jerk post modern neo-femanist to whome conclusion jumping and is an olimpic event.

    Try looking at it from a bigger picture.

    JK Ellis

  2. Mr. Ellis, I think your comment proves my point. Men who resort to sarging aren't interested in developing a relationship (which is what most women want). They're just interested in getting laid. huh? That too says it all.