Children keep you young--HA!

Been a busy week here at the Reeves hacienda. Sometimes "things" happen, if you get my drift, and writing kind of takes a back seat. That's called real life.

I'd committed to writing several articles with staggered deadlines beginning this week when DD (darling daughter) decidedly last week to move to a new apartment rather than renew her lease at the old one. So I've been run pretty ragged between fulfilling deadlines and helping her move.

How one little girl can accumulate so much stuff is amazing. I think she inherited the pack rat gene from both her grandmothers. When you consider that she's an artist and an art teacher, well, you can begin to imagine the scope of this move. We're not just talking furniture, clothes, and household goods. With the help of professional movers, that was pretty much taken care of.

We're talking art supplies of every description: saved odds and ends and found objects because they might be incorporated into a project some day; books - HEAVY - books (Have you ever seen a skinny art book?); a flat file as big as a Volkswagen filled with mats, drawings, paintings, etc.; and a garage full of ceramic molds, a potter's wheel, and 40 pound bags of various clays (bet you didn't know there were different kinds of clay characterized geographically).

Wisely, she didn't bother getting a quote from the movers for all that stuff. She may be an artist, but she has good money sense! So Mom and Dad - and Dad's old Tahoe - to the rescue. We've been rescuing a little every day and will shift into high gear this weekend.

They say children keep you young. I refute that. Children make you feel old. And tired. And sore in places you forgot you had muscles. Moving muscles.

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