Bowling balls and chainsaws

Another rainy day here at the Reeves hacienda. I'm in an odd dilemma. I'm too tired to write.

Been pushing the old pen rather hard lately trying to get through the first draft of my novel and balancing that with my freelance writing. Throw in helping DD (Darling Daughter) move to new apartment and you get one tired writer. Balancing all the demands in my life sometimes feels as if I'm juggling bowling balls and chainsaws.

Still have writing books to sell, but haven't had time to scan any covers so nothing new today.

Instead, I'm going to enjoy my morning coffee inside today rather than on the patio where I can smell the roses. Hard to smell roses in the rain. Think I'll peruse the newspaper and act like a woman of leisure before I start juggling today's bowling balls and chainsaws.

Enjoy TGIF. I intend to.

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