Happy Birthday, Anita Loos (& Perry too)

On April 26, 1893, Anita Loos was born. Who, you ask is Anita Loos?

Interesting question because far more of you probably know her work than the writings of Shakespeare whose birthday was celebrated a few days ago. True, no one really knows if Old Willy was born on April 23, 1564, or not, but the date is considered close enough by historians. (He was baptized on today's date by the way.)

Sure, you all know ABOUT Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet to mention a couple of his works, but how many of you have actually read Shakespeare? Sleeping through English lit doesn't count, you know.

So who was Anita Loos?

She's the writer who penned that classic GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES. Bet most of you out there have seen the movie version starring Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell.

When my daughter was in high school just a few years ago, she and all her friends adored that movie. It was a must see at slumber parties. Weird how a movie of my mother's generation was so popular with them.

Bet you've seen it on late night TV or been forced to watch it with your girl.

Oh, today is also the birthday of one of my long-time friends. We've known each other since we were kids. Happy birthday, Frank Perry Lofton! I'm wishing you many more.

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