Warning about Lightning

I was talking to a friend about my tech problems of late. She told me about her experience with Lightning, a free download on the Corel website. I thought what she said was worth repeating. This was only her experience, but you might want to be careful.

Lightning is an internet word processor. When my friend downloaded the software, it highjacked all her Word Perfect files and converted them to Lightning files. All her WP12 files became Lightning files including the icons.

After analyzing the program, she decided it really didn't fit any needs she had. She removed the program but found she then couldn't open her WP files without creating an association EVERY time. A little of that had her sending "a less than friendly email to Corel" about the matter.

She finally managed, even though she's no programming wiz, to fix everything back the way it was before the download, but it cost her a morning of precious writing time. In uninstalling, of course, it left a folder and some "trash" that had to be cleaned up manually.

Even with all that, her files did not automatically revert to WP. She had to re-associate them. Fortunately, fixing one file fixed them all.

She admits that she perhaps didn't stick with the program long enough to see what it could do. What she saw didn't impress her, and, in her words, "I was mad that it highjacked my files. Don't be messing with my books!"

So unless you're the type to take the time to really work with a program, don't download this. If you want to try it, then I recommend you create a Restore Point before downloading.

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