Spring break causes spring fever

Ahh! Spring break. Smell that sweet aroma of polinating flowers and trees? Ahchoo! Where's my Fluonase?

Warning: Spring Break is followed closely by Spring Fever.

Did you ever wonder how the phrase spring fever originated? Of course, I did. I wonder about all kinds of stuff, most of it inconsequential.

The dictionary defines spring fever as a noun meaning a feeling of languor or yearning brought on by the coming of spring.

Spring fever has become the namesake for many things including college festivals, triathlons, a mixed drink, a perfume, several movies, poems, and books. The spring equinox has figured in human history for thousands of years from pagan rituals to college spring break. When days grow longer and warmer, primitive people obviously felt a need to celebrate surviving another winter. Just as obviously, human instinct doesn't change. Even today, we look forward to shedding winter wools and slipping on tee shirts, shorts, and sandals.

So break out the iced tea and listen for the sound that heralds spring time: "Play ball!"

(This first appeared on my website newsletter Wordplay a couple of years ago.)


  1. *whimper* Let's just say, you're not helping my spring fever any by talking about it. ;-)

    I SO need some summer. I'm aching for it!

  2. Hey, read Wed. blog. That should put things in perspective.